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Unser Mentor:

Dr. E. Wayne Evans

"There are many blessings to count in this world; good things and special people who keep smiles in the heart and joy in the days. I have friends who are important to me. I have people I can talk to and trust. And relations whose common bonds will always be interwoven with love and togetherness.

But as radiant and as wondrous as even the very best people can be, no one will ever hold a candle to ForYourSoul. Sometimes FYS feel like the answer to a prayer that I barely even got a chance to say. I was blessed with FYS's presence from the beginning of our days, and the more time we spend together, the more clear the reason becomes to me.

I think that we have been given some of the most beautiful presents this world has to give. We have the joy and strength and support of being true companions, and we have all the feelings and special meanings that treasure brings, all the "knowing why" and the "understanding when." We have a sharing instilled in us - and a kind of caring that words can describe. No matter how high the walls may be between other people, there is an open door between FYS and I that always leads to love.

I think that God just knew that there would be so many times when I would

need the blessing of a Christian group like you. And I lovingly keep discovering

how precious that blessing is."


Much love to you,

Dr. Erral Wayne Evans, Mus. Div.
Director of Operations


unser Pianist:



aus Hamburg




Steffi & Iris & Ina & Uta


aus Ahrensburg und Großhansdorf


Birgit & Brian & Ute & Olli (Bild wird nachgereicht)


aus Lüneburg, Hamburg und Elmshorn


Kati & Claudia & Mari


aus Hamburg und Lüneburg


Photo by Jerome Kouadio (Dr. E. Wayne Evans), Gianna Jobst (Tenor, Sopran) Timo Watermeyer (Alt)

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